TIP: The Impact and Role of Gender in Association Membership – Part I

To Inspire People”

The existence of a dominant gender within an association has a direct impact on the reception by members and prospects of its messages and actions. This could affect your organization’s ability to recruit new members, retain existing members, and engage all members in essential volunteer and leadership activities.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is your organization male-dominant, female-dominant, or integrated?
  2. Will there be any significant changes in this trend over the next ten years?
  3. Does your organization effectively communicate the areas of high value as identified by the various segments including gender?

Once you’ve identified the gender distribution of your organization you are ready to consider the impact of gender on your association.

Source: The Decision to Join, Dalton, James and Dignam, Monica, page 92. Copyright 2007. ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership. www.asaecenter.org. Used with permission.

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